Humanity is

What makes

A man Human

Not beast.

A man deformed

Is a man without



Humanity is a collective

Concept that unites

People not divide.

A common ground

For all our children

To grow safe and

For all societies

To flourish & thrive.


Humanity is the dream

The present, the past.

It is the drive

For compassion to bring

Us together, reach out

For each other to live

Continue living and survive.





The elusive word

Everybody claim they’ve got;

Yet, the truth is but one.

The truth should be sought

A privilege gained,

Not used and abused

To gain something with.

It is outside of the ego

In spite of it

Not for it, but rather

A whole independent

Entity all by itself.

Truth is the measure,

The reference, the source.

Truth is costly, lives can be

it’s price. The trade is fair,

for without Truth, there is

Nothing but injustice, ignorance

Misguidance and worse.  Without

Truth there is darkness that engulfs

All… Truth is The Light.




Time travelers©

Time travelers©

We are all time travelers

To a destination unknown.

We travel through time and space,

There are many paths to take, many roads to conquer

The unseen engulfing us

Like an unpenetrated veil!

Yet, we push through

The sand dunes, the valleys

The mountains, and space.

Where there are goblins

To fight, trolls on bridges

We have to pay a toll.

Yet, we push through

Where there are heart breaks

Triumphs, and dreams come true.


Those who cannot

or refuse to pass through time

They lay still,

Or cling to the past

The time passes them by

Anyway, …until

The end.


Happy memories©

Happy memories©

Happy moments glide by as smooth,swift, and magical like skating on ice; yet it stays with us as clear and engraved in our memory as strong.  At times of sadness we recall these moments with a rush of nostalgia that paints a smile on the lips and warmth that melts the heart.  More often than not,sad memories are swept under the rug and happiness prevail.




Understanding Your Teenager!


I’m just sharing a beautifully inspiring article I read @Emotional Geographic.  It is so heartwarming and very true.  If only we read between the lines, decode the others’ messages, especially those close to us, beyond the acts or words they’re doing or saying…there will be much less fights and much better communications.


'I hate you Dad!  All you've ever done is throw your time and love at me - you've never given me enough money.'

The Letter Your Teenager Can’t Write You


Finding My Soul©

Finding My Soul©

I was cast away from the trees

Away from the pine trees

And the Oak trees

And the fresh air breeze.

Away from my friends

The birds, the horses, and the deer.

The forever green, the sparkling light

Sprinkling diamonds betwixt the leaves.

The society of Nature, the harmony,

The freedom of spirit, the peaceful company.

Whatever original sin that was committed, I

Am repenting to redeem myself worthy.  One

Day I will be back to the midst of the circle of

Trees, my soul will know its way back to me.

There, here now, I am alive again and free…free…free.