Then Hope Took Roots©

Under a rocky soil

A stubborn flower

Grew. Aiming for

The sun above,

It raised its head

And stood tall,

And looked strong.

Somewhere deep

underneath the surface,

There in the dark,

Hope was born.

Hope took roots

And lived to tell

A tale of triumph.


The Golden Shore!

Beyond the horizon

Of a calm azure sea,

I have sailed through

Many storms, here

I am! I rest at the 

Golden shore.

Just like the albatross ,

 Riding the winds

Searching, learning,

Growing gradually

Accustomed to the

Turbulence of the 

Forever tumbling

Gale. I have reached

The Golden Shore.

Fighting Titans, as I was

Sailing with heavy burdens 

like Atlas of long


I have accepted my role,

Fulfilled my chores, and

Grew and learned and

Befriended the wind, the oceans,

And the waves.

I was awake in my dreams,

I was present in my wake,

And I submitted to my fate

With grace and wisdom.

I saw Medusa through 

True mirrors and realized

That its beauty is fake.

I counted stars while

I stood upon the ground

Firm and strong.

I am not Icarus, I understood,

I learned not to 

Trust falsehood.

I kept my head straight,

Fish rot from the head

Down, they said. I learned.

Through storms, and alluring 

Brass beaches, I fought,

Like a true warrior inviolable. 

Like Tarik, who burned all

His ships upon reaching

The Golden Shore.

© ℗®™ 7/1/2021




The years went by

And my heart was turned away

From feeling the sun rays

And hearing the birds in the sky.

More years gone by and my heart

Was still numb.

It was yet bumping, beating, and

Making me alive but not living.

The only thing I can feel is the pain.

The only memory I have of him

Is of a phantom in my dream

Visiting me one last time

before he was gone.

What was reality is now no more.

Illusion, a trap, don’t be fooled

By the delusion of this life.

Soon I will be gone too.


A Remedy of Words!©

A Remedy of Words!©

The words are hammering

Humming loud and persisting

To be let out.  Hauling a heavy

Load of thoughts and feelings.

Say it right.  There is

Doubt?  Will they be misunderstood?

Will they sound appealing?

Come forth, say the truth.

Speak your mind, I say.

How else you would be heard?

Mind your words, say it gently.

Be kind.  Articulate and then,

Those wonderful words you

have carefully said, will be your healing.©





Fair and Unbiased Perspective©

Fair and Unbiased Perspective©

We should check the reality of who we really are by honestly looking deep within, and seek the Truth about everything else by searching, unbiased, outward-not from inward out, but rather from the outward in.

Remember that Truth is impartial to perception of reality.  Reality various, but Truth is autonomous, absolute.

Think about it.



Time for Change©

Time for Change©


All through human history, humanity goes through periods of change, a shift in its story-line, either a change to better or worse- we are witnessing such times.  Our role as individuals, as well as our responsibility, is in what we do with it…what we do during such times.

The ground is shaking and trembling

Beneath my feet as I stride.  Stars are

Falling from above.  Dark is the hour

But, I sense the dawn struggling as

The light is trailing…I hear wailing

Screams all around.


Shrills of souls in agony, wandering

Yet not lost.  Searching, I join them

Looking for Justice, yearning for freedom

Finding none.  So far, the hope is yet

Kindled, a flame that flickers weak

But steady-beneath the ashes, under



I hear callers of temptations, seducers

To give up the search.  Sirens alluring

Calling for segregation, calling me to

Serve myself-leaving the rest behind.

Rest, indulge, and sleep-I hear their

Flute.  I see their flaming pit of fire

Sparks but no light.  Darkness is their

Call, darkness surrounds their flame.


I go back to those who call for justice

I go back to the wandering souls.  I hear

Truth in their words, I sense goodness

In their claims.  Surrounded with so much

Evil, we push through and through.  Together

We will reach, together-hope is born anew.


Light is finally pulling through.

After a hard and painful labor,

A new morning is born.  Darkness

Defeated, victory to those who are

United, together we made it.  Love

Binds us, and disdain to injustice

Pulled us with force undefeated.

This much I know.




The Components of Man-Part 2©

The Components of Man-Part 2©

The Ego:

The second component that constitute Man is the ego.  In the first part of this article we discussed the first component, the body.

We may investigate the example of a computer’s components in relation to the component of Man.  The screen and the outer cover of the hard drive, along with the speakers and the keyboard- as an example of the body-the outer shell along with it’s faculties ( the senses and other body mechanical functions).  The Ego is the hard drive. While the power, or the energy,that brings all that to life is the spirit or the soul.

The ego consists of: The mind, the consciousness, and the self.

The Mind:

Personality, desires, preferences, habits, wants, fears, ideas and opinions are all under the category of the mind.

The simple mind is made to follow the instinct, the raw desire that feed the body and tend to it.  Human share this simple layer of the mind with animals and beasts.  Those who follow their desires without discipline or moral compass act like animals void of their humanity.  They indulge in their desires and live for the moment regardless of the consequences.  Those may eat indiscriminately regardless of the nature or the source of the food.  They follow their lust and greed, again indiscriminately regardless of the consequences or the legality.  Extreme cases of those who are at the same level with the beasts and animals are criminals who may cheat, steal, lie, hurt, or even kill to gain what they want.

The Consciousness:

The moral compass or GPS programing, the innate that is inclined (or programmed)  towards Goodness & Righteousness; yet (if corrupted) is capable to give reason and justification to evil and wrong doing.

The Self:

The personal entity, the individual stamp that is responsible to follow right or wrong based on discipline to do what is right not what feels right.  The self is the collective composition of the mind and the consciousness, it has the free will to wield them towards goodness or be corrupted by them to do harm or evil.

The Self is the porter or the link to the soul.  The soul takes the form of the kind of self that inhibits.  If the Self is purified through discipline and righteousness- the soul will remain in its original form of purity and light.

On the other hand, if the self is corrupted and inclined towards only feeding the desires of the body, the Light energy of the soul will be diminished according to the level and the degree of corruption.

Indeed he succeeds who purifies it.

Understanding and being aware of the composition of our existence, we can easily identify where the problem or weakness come from.  People who are indulged in material objects that fulfill the needs of one layer of their being while neglecting the other components-are often left unfulfilled and lead an imbalance existence.   People who do not discipline the mind and act only on mere instincts and habits…they tend to have a distorted reality, corrupt moral compass, false reasoning of right and wrong, and suffer from media and other sources of manipulation and fear mongering politicians.

Our Maker hath granted us the choice that is free and bestowed upon us Humanity.  Living without recognizing the One who Hath Created us is an aimless existence and an unfulfilled life.  Identifying the Maker lead us to understand the component of our being and realizing our rights and responsibilities in this vast world.  I pray that my words will lead others to think, reflect, and ponder.  Let us all recognize our humanity and act responsibly with goodness towards each other and towards the world that we live in.


The Components of Man-Part 1©

The Components of Man-Part 1©

Man is a complex multi-layered creation.  One will never be able to live a full rewarding life and realizes a great level of joy without being aware and in touch of these components as a whole; in which some are tangible and some are intangibles.

Let’s dissect Man from the outside in:  1.  The outer-shell: The body and all its mechanical functions..including the brain.  2. The ego-the mind, the consciousness, or the “self”.       3. The spirit or the “soul”.

  1.  The outer-shell:

It is easy to talk and describe the body because it is tangible and its functions are all agreed upon.  It is the part that most people are busy with and try to satisfy its needs the most.  Most people are short sighted and have a short term memory; therefore, they quickly and spontaneously respond to what gives them an immediate, though short lived, satisfaction.

This outer shell, the body, has been a subject of imitation by man himself trying for centuries to come up with similar functioning parts and assemble them together to assimilate the “original” creation.  From statues to robots to cloning- scientists and artists have tried and tried but never quiet achieved even remotely close to the original.  To generate a skin, for example, physicians must take a sample from the original skin and produce another patch in the lab and then patch it to another part of the body.

Researchers are cultivating laboratory-grown human skin that can be grafted onto the body to repair defects caused by burns, surgery or disease.

While growing the thin outer skin is nothing new, the real challenge is growing the main inner skin which contains the connective tissue, including the blood vessels.


The perfection of God’s creation, The Original Maker-The Creator, and the coordination between all parts are all evident that “chance” and/or “natural selections” could not be the maker of our existence.

Component of ManLet alone the fact that there is a big portion of brain and body functions that, until this moment in our human advancement, are unknown and remain a mystery.

However, the outer-shell, the body, is connected with the other components of our existence through porters or windows, as will as being effected by those components–such as the effect of the conscious mind over the perception of the senses and the function of the brain.

“And HE gave You (the faculties of) hearing And sight and feeling (And understanding).” [Quran 32:9]

“Verily WE created Man from a drop Of mingled sperm, In order to try him: So WE gave him (the gifts), Of Hearing and Sight.” [Quran 76:2]

“It is HE WHO has created For you (the faculties of) Hearing, sight, feeling And understanding: little thanks It is ye give!” [Quran 23:78]

I will discuss and investigate this last point furthermore when I explain the role and the function of the mind in the next part of this article.





The elusive word

Everybody claim they’ve got;

Yet, the truth is but one.

The truth should be sought

A privilege gained,

Not used and abused

To gain something with.

It is outside of the ego

In spite of it

Not for it, but rather

A whole independent

Entity all by itself.

Truth is the measure,

The reference, the source.

Truth is costly, lives can be

it’s price. The trade is fair,

for without Truth, there is

Nothing but injustice, ignorance

Misguidance and worse.  Without

Truth there is darkness that engulfs

All… Truth is The Light.