The Songs Of Peace©

The Songs Of Peace©

nations and tribes verse

What happened to lessons learned

From Vietnam?  From Wars Slogans-

What have we gained?  Shipping Our

Youth again… marching down a jet’s belly,

Or sending them crammed somewhere

Across the sea to a destination abroad.

Why awaken the scary Balrog with

His breath of fire and his whips of flame?

Another war machine hungry to conquer,

Thirsty for blood, creating havoc, howling

With guns- seeking power, seeking fame.

Heavy smoke and grey clouds are spreading

Through the land.  Fear mongers yelling and

Shouting crying wolf, when will we learn to

Hear the lies?  Security, prosperity, sovereignty

Are the products of peace not war. When will we

Understand?  Some their children followed the pipers-

To green fields with rows upon rows of white graves.

How many more beloved sons and daughters must we

Pay with their lives?  When will we ever figure out the game?

Echos are heard now from the valleys, from the rolling

Green hills, from dwellers rushing rising with

The sun, on the highways to earn their living-

The echo of their song: Let us live in peace, live and let live , they’re singing,

We can hear the lies, no more wars, no more death.

They are singing: Let the sunshine in.  Let the sunshine in.


white graves


Keep It Positive. Keep It Real.©

Keep It Positive. Keep It Real.©


Keep it positive. Keep it real.  At times of uncertainty and troubles, we tend to overcome by anxiety of all the things that might happen-the what ifs.  People tend to tangle themselves of scenarios that are created out of worries and projected fear.

I am not talking about real and immediate danger; but rather I am talking about times of upcoming difficulties-such as separation or divorce, financial troubles, upcoming surgeries, big project or event, new job or retirement, etc.  During these times, no matter how the situation is, it really helps if one live the Now.

Take a deep breath and look around at this particular moment, one will see that he/she still breathing, there is a roof above his head, food that would sustain him/her, and he/she is safe and sound.  Staying calm and focus will enable the person to better deal with the real situation rather than wasting time and energy worrying about things that may or may not happen.  In any case, never ever act, or take decision based on projected fear.

The Messenger Mohammad (peace & blessings be upon him and all the prophets and messengers of God) says: “”When someone is secure in his property, healthy in his body and has his food for the day, it is as if he owned the entire world”.

Again, keep it positive. Keep it real.



Broken & Fixed©

Broken & Fixed©

As humans,we may get broken (physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually).  The physical and the materialistic aspects that are mentioned may be out of the range of our own control-meaning it may or may not get fixed.  But our spirit(the drive that brings the mind and the heart to life) is eternal and we have a control over it, we are responsible for our actions and reactions… as it gets broken, if we try hard, we can actually get stronger and much better than when we were before the break.

It’s what makes us human-it’s in our DNA.



Sleepy Hollow©

Sleepy Hollow©

Once upon a time, Through all times,

In a special town, live people who

Are going through their days in illusion.

Pass by in a haze. Bewitched,

Bedazzled, and bemused by the

Life they have created. Down by

The river, in a faraway valley,

People live and play aimlessly-

Void of purpose in spite of death, and

In spite of sorrow.  Moment by moment,

Passing the days in a trance.  Evil lurks in

The distance, seers are warning, of plots

brewing in the dark.  The people still ride upon

Their high horse, listening not to reason,

Using not their heads.  Like the headless rider

Wondering aimlessly through the night,Heedless of

What to come.  Eyes they have that cannot see,

Ears they have that cannot hear, and

minds that cannot think.  In self indulgence

they seem to drown-with no remorse or consequence.

No wonder we call that place-Sleepy Hollow. Do you live there?

©Gainperspectiveblog 4/15/16


Good Morning©

Good Morning©



When the morning comes with clouds of the yesterdays

A wimp of wind had been brewing from way before

Take a deep breath and humph at them until they go away

Raise your chin, rise up and smile from deep down your core

Soon the sun will shine and smile at you, smile back-smile in

deep down, feel the warmth, be content, go ahead face the day.


Fair and Unbiased Perspective©

Fair and Unbiased Perspective©

We should check the reality of who we really are by honestly looking deep within, and seek the Truth about everything else by searching, unbiased, outward-not from inward out, but rather from the outward in.

Remember that Truth is impartial to perception of reality.  Reality various, but Truth is autonomous, absolute.

Think about it.