Where do broken hearts go at night?

When the day buzz dims

Under the heavy blanket of the night,

And the silence reigns over the dark,

The broken hearts awake to nurse

The pains and the aches they masked

During the day.

Motherless children moan,

Widows and widowers groan,

Mothers and fathers hearts ache

Over troublesome kids.

Hearts who lost loved ones,

Hearts who suffer from someone,

Hearts who lost the dreams,

And hearts who yearn for

This which they cannot attain;

Their pain is unbearable.

It’s loud and deep and real.

Pain so real it breaks even

The strongest of hearts.

Broken hearts go down the alleys

Of their memory lane.

Memories of old, and recent

Ones too. Some are solace,

Some are torture to go through.

Only those broken hearts

Who come back and soar

Upward, towards the heaven,

Are saved. Those who kindle

The hope and prayers, start

To heal. Little by little, with

Every morning new, those broken

Hearts mend.






The years went by

And my heart was turned away

From feeling the sun rays

And hearing the birds in the sky.

More years gone by and my heart

Was still numb.

It was yet bumping, beating, and

Making me alive but not living.

The only thing I can feel is the pain.

The only memory I have of him

Is of a phantom in my dream

Visiting me one last time

before he was gone.

What was reality is now no more.

Illusion, a trap, don’t be fooled

By the delusion of this life.

Soon I will be gone too.


On a Wing of a Bird!©

On a Wing of a Bird!©


On a wing of a bird

A twinkle of a star

On a ruffle of a wind

Our life goes by.

No matter how we cling,

No matter how high we reach,

How far we can go,

How much we collect,

Or how hard we try.

The moment will flee,

And there will be only

One print, one dint we left

On the fabric of time.

And then we are gone.


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A Bridge Made of Glass!©

A Bridge Made of Glass!©

bridge of glass

Go ahead

Push through

We are all riding

On a bridge made of glass

Suspended between

Mountains of circumstance

We spend our lives

Forging through.

Choices that we make

Set us free, or maybe

It could be that we

Are stuck in a trance;

Yet we have to be

Where we are.

Don’t look down

To the ground,

Don’t bother collecting

Things that would weigh you down…

Or you’ll fall while

Thinking that you

Have made it,

A break through?! Doomed!

A journey that we have to take;

Look around, lend a hand,

Share and care, help around

Other fellow travelers,

Remember the purpose

Of the trip, don’t slip!

Be aware of who you are.

The goal is reaching

Over to the other side

Humanity unscathed.

Going back to where we

Belong, paying dues

To our Maker, full submission

That is the mission…accomplished.

Looking back satisfied

At that thin Bridge made of Glass

And say…”What a ride?”


Sleepy Hollow©

Sleepy Hollow©

Once upon a time, Through all times,

In a special town, live people who

Are going through their days in illusion.

Pass by in a haze. Bewitched,

Bedazzled, and bemused by the

Life they have created. Down by

The river, in a faraway valley,

People live and play aimlessly-

Void of purpose in spite of death, and

In spite of sorrow.  Moment by moment,

Passing the days in a trance.  Evil lurks in

The distance, seers are warning, of plots

brewing in the dark.  The people still ride upon

Their high horse, listening not to reason,

Using not their heads.  Like the headless rider

Wondering aimlessly through the night,Heedless of

What to come.  Eyes they have that cannot see,

Ears they have that cannot hear, and

minds that cannot think.  In self indulgence

they seem to drown-with no remorse or consequence.

No wonder we call that place-Sleepy Hollow. Do you live there?

©Gainperspectiveblog 4/15/16


Twirl & Whirl of a Dervish©

Twirl & Whirl of a Dervish©



The interact layers

Of life, the versatile

In colors and varieties

Of nature of existence-

The various depths,

Dimensions, feelings,

Desires, possibilities, and

Choices make its seeker

Twirl and whirl like a dervish

Around it in useless circles.

Our vision is blurred and

Confused- we make poor

Choices…and take the wrong

Turns.  Vanity and delusion

Is the reality we live in…

That we create for our selves.

A quest that never ends,

A thirst that is never quenched,

A fire that consumes all.

One taste is never enough,

One look asks for more,

And one step leads to another;

Until we are tossed far from

The road.  No one takes it

Home, and everyone leaves

It behind-alone accompanied by no other.

Only when we look beyond

The blinding glitters of life

Beyond to the Light-

Then, one can see clear-

Only then one can

Feel centered, focused, and

Be surefooted.


A Sling Shot At Life©

A Sling Shot At Life©

We all know

We are all aware

That life out there

Is a trial, a timed

Test, a game.

Winners and losers

Will be named at the end.

No one picked his role

No one decides the rules;

Except The Creator.  That part

Is preordained.  Now comes

The part that we have our

Free will to shape our forever

Future.  The part where we have

The freedom to choose.

Some choose to believe,

Have faith that playing

By the rules will make them

Win this game.  Some choose

To ignore and turn away.  Passing

Their given time in play.  These

And those will all be gathered at

The end and will be handed their

Score.  Late is the hour indeed

For those who did not heed.

Focus not on the game, it will

Surely end.  Aim at the score

For it is forever…that should be

Your shot, that should be your goal.


Every speck in the universe floats for a purpose©

Every speck in the universe floats for a purpose©

Every speck in the universe floats for a purpose.

Motion is the illusion of life.

But, life goes on and goes by.

The body that we feed to create such an illusion,

Is temporary.  It disintegrates in time and space.

Only the effect of the motion stays and generates

a train of other effects.  The effect is the part of ourselves

That we leave behind, and we are responsible for.

I wander and wonder for the perfect and rightful effect.

That is my purpose.


Late is the Hour©

Late is the Hour©

Treading like a phantom

Passed the fabric of time,

Laying here for eternity

Images of long ago

Flashing by,

Steering feelings I long forgot.

Memories of things I oft regret,

People I miss, lost, and long for.

Laughter and tears I wept.

Wrongs I wish to correct,

Rights I wish I did.

Things look different now

Seeing with the eye of the soul.

The ego consumed in flame

Desires to die for are loser’s bet.

I got my chance, I spent my time.

Late is the hour, no coming back.