The Age of Darkness, the Age of Light-and the Sea.©

The Age of Darkness, the Age of Light-and the Sea.©

In the midst of the darkness of this long night… my heart is filled with uncertainty and my soul is restless.  Yearning and anticipation are taking me on a roller coaster ride.  It has been like this every night for as long as I can remember.  But this feeling is getting intensified lately.   I have learned to heed my intuition, and it never fails me.  Now, I feel like something is going to happen.  Never have we, as the people of this age, lived in such a contradiction since Charles Dickens wrote these words of wisdom:

” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way—in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest seeing aies insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. ”  Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, Book the First, Chapter I.

It’s a time that we’re seeing all the evil of humanity awaken like vampires spreading through the land.  Those who want to divide us and take us back to the darkest of ages where a man was void of his human rights and measured by the color of his skin instead of the merits of his deeds and the substance of his character.

On the other side, never we have gotten together, unified under a sense of comradery , as this time, for humanity, civil rights, equality, freedom, kindness… all the best of humane traits, transcending race, religion, nationality, and all other bars and walls of division.

I found myself, this night, waiting for the dawn of day and yearning for the sea!  Such a great urge to be looking at my beloved Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast.  You, the reader, may wonder what is the relevance?!!  At times like this, when I am restless and filled with anxiety, I think of the sea.  He is my best friend.  The only being that can listen and understand.  The only friend on this beautiful and sad Earth who can fill me with hope in spite of pain and despair.  The sea is wise yet playful, vast enough to contain the world yet can be contained in my gaze and my heart, mighty yet gentle… and most importantly- the sea is a generator of hope.

Waves live all around the shores, living a life filled with stories; yet as soon as one wave reaches its final destination, resting at last in the shore’s embrace- a new wave will immediately be born in its wake, back to the sea, to live a new life, a brand new life of its own.  An endless story of life-infinite.

Yes, here I am, in the middle of the darkness of this restless night, I find myself yearning for the sea.  Dreaming to stand by its shores, where earth meets the sky, as if standing by the edge of humanity, at the age when we are tested and trialed if we, as the people, are deserving of it!

Oh,  here is a droplet on my face..a mist, a sea breeze.  I am refreshed and filled with hope.  ©2017Gainperspectiveblog









The years went by

And my heart was turned away

From feeling the sun rays

And hearing the birds in the sky.

More years gone by and my heart

Was still numb.

It was yet bumping, beating, and

Making me alive but not living.

The only thing I can feel is the pain.

The only memory I have of him

Is of a phantom in my dream

Visiting me one last time

before he was gone.

What was reality is now no more.

Illusion, a trap, don’t be fooled

By the delusion of this life.

Soon I will be gone too.


She Said: Go Towards The Light!©

She Said: Go Towards The Light!©

The road was winding

Curves and Bushes

Playing hide and seek

With the seashore.

I heard the ocean’s call

Alluring me to sit and talk,

As I used to talk with him

Every time we meet.

The Ocean  and I have always

been close friends.  Something

About the sea makes you want

To pour your soul out knowing

It will go deep and safe, and he

Listens clear.

I parked the car away at the nearby

Street.  Climbing the hill to the

Shore.  The hill was steep,

I looked around, and looked down

To the slippery sand beneath my feet.

The path laid in front of me

Was a maze of Bushes and sand dunes.

I reached a fork in the road.  Paths and

Trails right and left.  I was lost.

I still can hear the calls of the sea,

But where is he?


Something about the sea, makes you trust him.

As old friends, he greets me

With wide open heart and

Generous giving spirit, he

Greets me with waves of

Cheers and laughter of

The gulls…even when he

Is angry or grim.  “Welcome back,

You are home, you are here.” He always said.


I was near, but not there yet.

At the twilight time when

Not many were on the trails.

I got up and stood there and

Contemplated at life choices.

How many trails we got to choose,

And how many got us lost.


Only then I heard others approaching,

Laughing and calling on each other.  Giggling

Trying to find each others through the maze.

Trying to reach the sea…like me.  I heard a girl

Calling.  “I found the sea!”  “I found the sea!”

She said:   “Go towards the light.”!


A Dream Is A Window For The Soul©

A Dream Is A Window For The Soul©


A dream is a window for the soul

A door, a porter for it to soar

Beyond the chains of reality.

A dream is beyond the three

Dimensions, beyond all boundaries.

A vision, a bubble of thought

To float around what may be,

Or should have been…in faith

Of what to come.

A dream is like breath

To the soul-breathing the air

Of the vast  possibilities of the universe.

Restless is the soul, roaming in space

Until it reaches its dream.

A dream comes true,

Here, now-living a beautiful reality.



Fair As The Sun©

Fair As The Sun©

I look up at the sun

Rising up everyday

In spite of long nights

Cold winters, dark and grey.

Our lovely sun

Spreading light and warmth

To everyone East, West,

South, and North

Without discrimination.

I looked up at the sun

And all I saw was brightness

Clear, and true. I had a revelation.

I looked  down and around

Right and left..far and wide…

Shocked at what I saw:

Poverty, wars, killing…madness.

Injustice & inequality filled the land

Few had a lot, filled with gluttony

Greed and pride. whips in their hand

Chains of all kinds.

I saw some white, some yellow

Some brown and some black.

I closed my eyes and wished

That I was color blind.

I looked back up at the sun

And was filled with inspiration.

I had a dream, I knew that

A lot has to be done.

Unity, togetherness, and determination.

That soon fairness, Equality,

And Justice will rule the nation.





Humanity is

What makes

A man Human

Not beast.

A man deformed

Is a man without



Humanity is a collective

Concept that unites

People not divide.

A common ground

For all our children

To grow safe and

For all societies

To flourish & thrive.


Humanity is the dream

The present, the past.

It is the drive

For compassion to bring

Us together, reach out

For each other to live

Continue living and survive.


Let Us Dream Again. Let Us Hope!©

Let Us Dream Again. Let Us Hope!©

I painted a life for myself

Outside my picture

And colored it with dreams.


In this life I see myself

Truly as I am

And what I would like to be.


In this life the tune of voice

That I hear

Is peaceful and gentle to my ear.


The smile I see on my face

Reflects how I feel

Contentment in my heart and soul.


The spoken words in this life

Are utterly a cheer

Of kindness, of understanding and love.


It is give and take gracefully

And give again

And take without being bragged.


Respect and class are the colors

That I choose

To paint with and light the hues of this pictured life.


I draw the sun that shines on me

And fills me with

Its warmth, the color of happiness and bless.


Next to it there is the moon shining

Silver lining, and stars

That never dim, gentle beams of security.


Then I came back to my picture,

and saw all what needed to be done.

And colored it with hope, brighten it

with dreams, light, energy for change.


February 5th, 2008




Two poems…different perspective!©

Two poems…different perspective!©

Going through my old notes, I found these two poems I wrote about the same subject, having a dream; however each has a different perspective and a different effect.  One in despair and giving up your dream and the other has hope, persistence, perseverance and never giving up.  I know you will agree with me that Hope is such a powerful force and a much stronger effect.

I am posting them both here and would very much like your feedback.  Drop a note and tell me what do you think.


I Dared To Dream!

Once I dared to dream for me another realty

When I saw the harshness, the wrong, the ugliness

Around me; so I tried to change those things.

I rejected them, dealt with them, and spoken

With rationale sense.  No one could see the need

for change, but me.  I screamed, I yelled,

I asked for help.  The way they acted with indifference

has injected numbness in my veins.

Now, I walk around this mess with stillness that frighten me,

A chill that freeze my path.  Loneliness engulfing me,

A stranger among the masses.  The morsels that feed them,

Choke me; the air they breathe in, suffocate me.

The mere existence is emptiness, unfulfilled emptiness.

Events twist and twirl around my days like leaves falling from a tree,

Insignificant.  Injustice deepen the resentment, Oh, it

Is a long list.  It goes on as steady, as heavy as freight trains.

It is hard to see a future in a horizon full of clouds.

Harder, yet, to build a life when there is no life at all.

It was gone long ago, or taken, in pieces here and there.

Remains everywhere.  The form that is there, cruising

Around, is a phantom.  A mirage of what once was.  What happened

To the life within the shell?  It has been taken captive,

A slave to its masters, with million other bosses to rule that poor

Soul.  Tying it down with ropes that choke, holding it down with chains.

February 3rd, 2001

A dream Comes True!

I took my dream

And place it by the window

And everyday the sun goes up

My dream suckled upon its rays

And fed upon its warmth.

At night I look upon my dream

And saw it with the stars

Glittering by the moon

Free from chains and bars.

Day by day, my dream grew

Tall and strong

I tend to it and work on it

At nights and all day long

Until, behold, it has become

A dream comes true;

My glorious dream’s come true.

©Gainperspectiveblog December-28-2007