I painted a life for myself

Outside my picture

And colored it with dreams.


In this life I see myself

Truly as I am

And what I would like to be.


In this life the tune of voice

That I hear

Is peaceful and gentle to my ear.


The smile I see on my face

Reflects how I feel

Contentment in my heart and soul.


The spoken words in this life

Are utterly a cheer

Of kindness, of understanding and love.


It is give and take gracefully

And give again

And take without being bragged.


Respect and class are the colors

That I choose

To paint with and light the hues of this pictured life.


I draw the sun that shines on me

And fills me with

Its warmth, the color of happiness and bless.


Next to it there is the moon shining

Silver lining, and stars

That never dim, gentle beams of security.


Then I came back to my picture,

and saw all what needed to be done.

And colored it with hope, brighten it

with dreams, light, energy for change.


February 5th, 2008





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