My Orange Tree!©

My Orange Tree!©

Souls, like plants, are revived by the sunlight and care.  I was feeling sick today and under the weather.  I thought of just calling off going to teach on Monday until I feel better.  Then I looked down from my bedroom window to my garden and saw these magnificent oranges and tangerines alluring me to just pick them up.

I thought of my students on Monday and how lovely it would be to share some of these fresh citrus blessings with them.  Suddenly I had this surge of energy and pulled myself out of bed and went down to the garden with a big bag to pick some fruits.

Instantly the fresh citrus scent revived my soul and rejuvenated my energy.  I felt much better instantly.  And then I peeled an orange and took a bite, heaven!

I thought how in the acts of giving that my orange tree had showed me-with it’s extended boughs laden with the gift of fruits to pick, enjoy, and share- now my aching limbs and tired heart had been energized and healed.  There is nothing like the act of giving and sharing to uplift the soul.  Don’t you all agree?

P.S. Those pictures I just took are as fresh as the fruits they show.  Beautiful California citrus…yummy!


She Said: Go Towards The Light!©

She Said: Go Towards The Light!©

The road was winding

Curves and Bushes

Playing hide and seek

With the seashore.

I heard the ocean’s call

Alluring me to sit and talk,

As I used to talk with him

Every time we meet.

The Ocean  and I have always

been close friends.  Something

About the sea makes you want

To pour your soul out knowing

It will go deep and safe, and he

Listens clear.

I parked the car away at the nearby

Street.  Climbing the hill to the

Shore.  The hill was steep,

I looked around, and looked down

To the slippery sand beneath my feet.

The path laid in front of me

Was a maze of Bushes and sand dunes.

I reached a fork in the road.  Paths and

Trails right and left.  I was lost.

I still can hear the calls of the sea,

But where is he?


Something about the sea, makes you trust him.

As old friends, he greets me

With wide open heart and

Generous giving spirit, he

Greets me with waves of

Cheers and laughter of

The gulls…even when he

Is angry or grim.  “Welcome back,

You are home, you are here.” He always said.


I was near, but not there yet.

At the twilight time when

Not many were on the trails.

I got up and stood there and

Contemplated at life choices.

How many trails we got to choose,

And how many got us lost.


Only then I heard others approaching,

Laughing and calling on each other.  Giggling

Trying to find each others through the maze.

Trying to reach the sea…like me.  I heard a girl

Calling.  “I found the sea!”  “I found the sea!”

She said:   “Go towards the light.”!


To Kill a Eucalyptus Tree©

To Kill a Eucalyptus Tree©

I took a walk one day

At that forest by the bay.

In the midst of trees,

Eucalyptus high up and mighty,

Pines as far as you can see.

The air was crisp and clean

Fresh with scents unspoiled.

Looking so small in my company

Ego was held in check.  My soul

Raised me to a climax far and beyond.

I began to see clear.  As the trail wind

Up and twisted; glimpse of the concrete

City was there at the corner of my eye.

You see things clear from above, and

I saw decay.  I witnessed aggression of

Man against Nature beyond compare.

Even here, at the cropped

Forest, goodness green and pure-

Pushed away to the limit.

I heard the trees moan.  Rain began

Trickling disparately cleansing away

The smog, brushing it from the leaves.

As I walked towards the end of the

Trail, I noticed tree corpses everywhere.

I looked up to the sky, to the trees,

And wept with the rain.




Joy is not the same as excitement.  The latter is derived from material  and a tangible sensation which is usually evoked or triggered by a stimuli. animals as well as humans can experience excitement.

Joy, on the other hand, is a jubilation of the spirit, happiness in the heart that delights the soul.  Joy is only a human trait.  It raises our awareness to a higher spiritual level above and beyond our physical world.  Although it can be felt with the physical senses; yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be stimulated by a tangible stimuli. It can rather exist in the absence, or in spite of, any material source.

Joy is often paired with the word “pure’ because of its spiritual nature.  Joy is a state of exultation, and euphoria that fills all our senses and beyond.

All the beautiful things in life that bring us joy are not materialistic in nature-we feel joy in the ecstasy of giving, forgiving, love, unity, compassion, loyalty, friendship, laughter, witnessing something beautiful-colorful flowers filled meadow, rolling green hills, a child smile, a triumph overcoming a handicap or a hardship..etc.

Joy is the bliss, the exuberance, the rapture of goodness that overflows and fills the veins of our existence.




When A River Cries!©

When A River Cries!©

When a river cries,

Tears runs deep.

Who can hear it weep?

A tree at his side,

Brushes gently with

Its bough, and a bird above

Doth sing a lullaby for it to sleep.

A shore hugging it tight

For warmth through the night.

And the Sun wakes it up

In the morning full of hope,

Feeling fresh, shining bright.

Now the river feels the love

Filled with grace began to heal,

Runs forth to meet the day,

It’s now ready, comes what may.