Overcoming Discrimination-Triumph of Human Will Power!©

Resilience and perseverance in the face of harsh adversity is the highest of human achievements.

The movie “Hidden Figures” powerfully demonstrates this concept.  The discrimination against people of color is an ugly stigma in the history of this country.  However, the achievements of black men and women of America, despite all obstacles and degradation, is a bright shiny mark in human history.discrimination.png

How horrible! Lack of compassion and empathy are traits of wild beasts not humans!

vs. racisim




The Realm of The Soul!©

If your reality had come down crumbling

Once upon your head, your soul had to sour

Up and beyond.  All that you had are no longer

Yours.  Loves, dreams, and the life that you had,

Are gone.  All that was tangible has become untouchable-

Sort of illusion images floating in your head.  You have to depend

On the soul to sense its way around instead.  What a mystery?!

In that state of heightened sensory perception–Of time and space-

Infinite possibilities are born and created.  As long as You’re living,

There will be other realities, other friends, other memories to build,

Other laughs and cries, and other dreams to fulfill.

There, in the realm of the soul, hopes becomes crystal clear.

Let’s remember this in that time of utter

Despair of crushed reality, that your vision of what to come

Will lift you up, and You will be saved.


the realm of the soul1