My Orange Tree!©

My Orange Tree!©

Souls, like plants, are revived by the sunlight and care.  I was feeling sick today and under the weather.  I thought of just calling off going to teach on Monday until I feel better.  Then I looked down from my bedroom window to my garden and saw these magnificent oranges and tangerines alluring me to just pick them up.

I thought of my students on Monday and how lovely it would be to share some of these fresh citrus blessings with them.  Suddenly I had this surge of energy and pulled myself out of bed and went down to the garden with a big bag to pick some fruits.

Instantly the fresh citrus scent revived my soul and rejuvenated my energy.  I felt much better instantly.  And then I peeled an orange and took a bite, heaven!

I thought how in the acts of giving that my orange tree had showed me-with it’s extended boughs laden with the gift of fruits to pick, enjoy, and share- now my aching limbs and tired heart had been energized and healed.  There is nothing like the act of giving and sharing to uplift the soul.  Don’t you all agree?

P.S. Those pictures I just took are as fresh as the fruits they show.  Beautiful California citrus…yummy!



Nature and I are in Harmony©

Nature and I are in Harmony©

This is a poem I wrote years ago while teaching my students in Oregon about homonyms in a playful way.  I always try to instill in them the love and appreciation of nature whenever I find a chance.  In combination of both, I came up with this poem.


Nature and I are in Harmony

To that mountain, fixed to the ground

Unchanged, I cave in around to get through.

I stand up to the bully wind, and

Do not wither, I push it away

With my blows until I win.

I blossom with the delicate rose,

I sway by its beauty,

Sending its fragrance everywhere.

I smile back at the moon, orbiting my space

Beaming, spreading around grace.

To the turbulent sea, I wave

Back ignoring its call.

With the generous river, I flow

Not stopping at the bank, but beyond

Its demanding shore.

I rush by the hour; the time

I don’t pass in waste.

I go by the day buzzing with

The bees.

I fall with the night in the lands

Of dreams.

The sun, I rise to shine with

It,  faithful and bright.

My life is fun.  I know

My roll with every element’s feature.

I live in harmony

With Nature.

©Gainperspectiveblog December 30, 2007