The Eagle With Broken Wings

Bald Eagle, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA

Praise be to God

That I am an eagle

Even with my broken

Wings I am still

free. I can still smell

The fresh smell

Of the pine trees

Even though I

Fell down from

The top, I am still

Alive and strong

My will is unbend

And my spirit is

still soaring dignified.

The skies above are

Thunderous and

Grey. The ground below

Full of traps and thorns.

Praise be to God,

I learned to navigate

Through danger

Never lose sight

Never lose hope!

Even with broken wings

I am still an eagle

Eyeing the world

From above

My body is full

Of injuries, but

My spirit is unscathed

I was born to soar

I was born for higher

Goals and fit for

Higher places..

I will endure this

Pain and I will

Live through the

Thunder in hope

Undiminished of a

Bright day when

I will spread my

Wings and fly

And fly, and fly,

Right above the

Grayness of today

To that brilliant

Summit where I


© ℗®™Gainperspectiveblog@gainperspectiveblog 6/29/2021