The movie, The Revenant takes a raw aim at the human nature and dissect it to the bone. I haven’t seen anything quite like it. First I was shocked by the brutality and the rawness of it all; yet I kept watching. Then it hit me and jolted my soul…the realization of the human nature with all its facades vs. Nature itself. Awakening!

All was tangible and real right in front of my eyes. The virginity of the snow, the harsh yet serene winter, the remoteness of the place, and the shabby print of the white man’s presence on it …bringing greed, weapons, destruction, diversion and hate.

It cuts deeper into the human nature layer by layer. You see it raw, crude, and as natural as it was when man was first created. Love between husband and wife, father and son, family, tribe, and friendship. Loyalty and comradeship vs. betrayal that cuts deeper and hurt longer than the marring of a giant grizzly. Faith when it purifies the soul and heal the wounds as portrayed by the native man (Hikuc)’s dealing with the loss of his family:

Hikuc: My heart bleeds. But revenge is in the creator’s hands”;

On the other hand, when egoism and arrogance hijack Faith and turns it into extremism  as portrayed by the character Fitzgerald.

Then racism, white-man-supremacy with its power, discrimination, greed, stealing lands and conquering people. The movie is an experience, a revelation that transforms the viewer and force him to look face to face deep within.

My intention is not to write about the movie, but to share a synopsis about the feelings that it may stir in you, it’s so powerful, it compels us to reflect and think. Revenant, may will be, all of us who are awakened to the truth.



4 thoughts on “Revenant is He who Awakens to the Truth.©

  1. Dear gainperspectiveblog. I have heard of this film but not seen it. Has there not always been this conflict between man and nature. We do not respect nature yet continue think we are superior which of course we are not! Thank you for liking my poem Tracey! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


  2. I did see the movie, and I think you are spot on correct! White people have a long history of sucking! Whether it is what Europeans did to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, or what they did – and are still doing – to the Palestinians. They have no respect for “others”, and they have no qualms about taking from them. — YUR

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I truly appreciate it. It is appalling what “any” people of privilege and power are capable of doing if they’re void of humanity. Man void of humanity will cause injustice and transgression of all kinds to other people as well as to nature.


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