And then I saw the sun rising

Shining and warm.  A glimpse of

Good things yet to come.

I took a fresh breath

And started anew.



15 thoughts on “Then, I Saw The Sun Rising©

    1. Yes I am a teacher. This is my job, and my passion is to reach out to hearts, minds, and souls to learn and grow and wonder about…to reach the truth. I love to challenge the things that we think we know and question if they are true or false? I thrive on evident and facts, I am intrigued by the vast universe and its patterns and dimensions. Most of all, I know that the universe was all made for a purpose, and this purpose is connected by the Maker of this vast universe. Unless we know and fulfill this purpose, we will all wonder and question and live our lives in vain and total waste. My passion is to help remind others to know and fulfill that purpose.

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      1. You mean what i am? I’m only myself,i mean, i’m only Draga. Because when i was younger i see what happens in my class, my noisy class,then i see my teacher don’t knows what to do and for that i don’t want to be teacher! But, i will say something to you,you can’t believe,i’m student! 🙂

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      2. I felt the same way when I was younger and saw how teachers are having hard time. I said I would never become a teacher!!
        I knew you must be still a student. I admire that you are busy with your studies; yet find the time for your blog and for getting to know others as well. You are wonderful Draga ❤

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