bridge of glass

Go ahead

Push through

We are all riding

On a bridge made of glass

Suspended between

Mountains of circumstance

We spend our lives

Forging through.

Choices that we make

Set us free, or maybe

It could be that we

Are stuck in a trance;

Yet we have to be

Where we are.

Don’t look down

To the ground,

Don’t bother collecting

Things that would weigh you down…

Or you’ll fall while

Thinking that you

Have made it,

A break through?! Doomed!

A journey that we have to take;

Look around, lend a hand,

Share and care, help around

Other fellow travelers,

Remember the purpose

Of the trip, don’t slip!

Be aware of who you are.

The goal is reaching

Over to the other side

Humanity unscathed.

Going back to where we

Belong, paying dues

To our Maker, full submission

That is the mission…accomplished.

Looking back satisfied

At that thin Bridge made of Glass

And say…”What a ride?”



35 thoughts on “A Bridge Made of Glass!©

    1. The picture is of the real glass bridge in China. I used it as a metaphor for the fragility of life. The journey we all have to go through, from birth till death; facing all kinds of perils and circumstances … and making all kinds of choices; yet we have to remember that life is just a bridge, a transition not a destination.

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      1. No i only saw you are home because sometimes…..You are not home and i…but your photos are very beautiful and the colors are amazing! But, have a nice day regards Draga 💖💖💖

        And i say too you that because sometimes i think i’m commenting to you something,and you don’t reply to me…. With love Draga

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      2. You are right about the fact that rarely I’m online now. I have to be away from my home during the week days. I cannot be online during this time I am away; therefore I don’t reply to you right away.
        When I come back I do reply to your comments right away.
        Your opinion and your comments are important to me.. Please keep reading and sending me you comments. Thank you for your kinds Draga. Stay well.

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      3. Thanks Dahlia,because i think something is happens to you.But why you need to be away from your home?Something is happens?You are going to work? Or only you have to be away from your home? And thanks for your kind reply to me,have a beautiful day regards Draga 🙂

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