nations and tribes verse

What happened to lessons learned

From Vietnam?  From Wars Slogans-

What have we gained?  Shipping Our

Youth again… marching down a jet’s belly,

Or sending them crammed somewhere

Across the sea to a destination abroad.

Why awaken the scary Balrog with

His breath of fire and his whips of flame?

Another war machine hungry to conquer,

Thirsty for blood, creating havoc, howling

With guns- seeking power, seeking fame.

Heavy smoke and grey clouds are spreading

Through the land.  Fear mongers yelling and

Shouting crying wolf, when will we learn to

Hear the lies?  Security, prosperity, sovereignty

Are the products of peace not war. When will we

Understand?  Some their children followed the pipers-

To green fields with rows upon rows of white graves.

How many more beloved sons and daughters must we

Pay with their lives?  When will we ever figure out the game?

Echos are heard now from the valleys, from the rolling

Green hills, from dwellers rushing rising with

The sun, on the highways to earn their living-

The echo of their song: Let us live in peace, live and let live , they’re singing,

We can hear the lies, no more wars, no more death.

They are singing: Let the sunshine in.  Let the sunshine in.


white graves

16 thoughts on “The Songs Of Peace©

  1. You have some wonderful message and beautiful images,. The text filled images can dilute the beauty and purpose. A picture itself is worth a thousand words, so you don’t have to find ones loaded with text. The pictures can back up the beauty of the post or tell a story on their own.
    Cheers to positivity! Happy writing and reading! -Author S

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    1. I also meant to thank you for the follow, but there were a few problems with the server. Sorry for the late comment! -Author S

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      1. That’s true, but I think it should be your text to support the message of the picture. You’re welcome! Best of luck! -Author S

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  2. A beautiful poem, Dahlia. I’m so glad Anita made you aware of our project.
    If you are unable to visit tomorrow or any time in the week following, please let me know and I will add your lovely words to the comments of the post. Thank you for joining us.

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