Once upon a time, Through all times,

In a special town, live people who

Are going through their days in illusion.

Pass by in a haze. Bewitched,

Bedazzled, and bemused by the

Life they have created. Down by

The river, in a faraway valley,

People live and play aimlessly-

Void of purpose in spite of death, and

In spite of sorrow.  Moment by moment,

Passing the days in a trance.  Evil lurks in

The distance, seers are warning, of plots

brewing in the dark.  The people still ride upon

Their high horse, listening not to reason,

Using not their heads.  Like the headless rider

Wondering aimlessly through the night,Heedless of

What to come.  Eyes they have that cannot see,

Ears they have that cannot hear, and

minds that cannot think.  In self indulgence

they seem to drown-with no remorse or consequence.

No wonder we call that place-Sleepy Hollow. Do you live there?

©Gainperspectiveblog 4/15/16



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