I raised my hand to the sky

Reached out and touched a star

It began to fall and turned into dust;

I started to glow.  Now I can fly.

©Gainperspectiveblog 4/15/16


11 thoughts on “Faith©

  1. From my perspective, it conveys that what we so desperately seek is meaningless when actually achieved. Only after this realization are we set free from the materialistic restraints of life and able to live.

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    1. Sometimes our resources are limited and what we want is beyond our means and ability. Sometimes we are faced with an overwhelming situation and if we look around we have nowhere to turn to. Look up to the heaven, we are not alone, and have Faith that we belong to a great Power, our Creator, The Gracious the Merciful, The One, The Absolute, The Lord of all the universe, The All Hearer, The All Seeing, The All Knowing, The Sustainer of all life-if we turn to Him saying: Here we come our Lord, weak and needy, and all avenues have been blocked and all doors have been closed; Then The All Compassionate God will open doors and provide our souls and hearts and minds with energy..that in spite of our shortage in means, we will somehow be able to reach our goals that seemed faraway, and overcome difficulties that seemed cannot be conquered. Faith is the energy that turns on the inner switch of the *power of hope and the energy of light that is already built in in our DNA-once it is turned on…there is nothing the human spirit can not achieve. If only we believe.
      *Please read my post “The Science of Hope”.

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