Sea green-

Nostalgia of things

Fresh, so lush.

Water is life,

Green is Spring-

Nature’s cope

To winter’s grey,

Reality blush,

Prosperity foreseen.


Sea Green-

The color of Hope.


Everything was made from water by God


22 thoughts on “Hope is a Color-Aquamarine©

      1. Welcome but,i want to ask you something another thing:Why you don’t reply to my other comments?You been in the job or some problems?But thanks you reply in this comment,Dahlia!And have a beautiful and 🙂 day,regards Draga💜💜💜

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  1. And Dahlia top in my photo with the jam and then,you will saw,two sites i think.The one with my first bog you know,and the another with one another blog,named: Ice cream cup.You can check out when you want.
    You want to see and my another blog? 🙂 😉 😀 :3 🙂 ^_^ ~_^ ^_~

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