I took a walk one day

At that forest by the bay.

In the midst of trees,

Eucalyptus high up and mighty,

Pines as far as you can see.

The air was crisp and clean

Fresh with scents unspoiled.

Looking so small in my company

Ego was held in check.  My soul

Raised me to a climax far and beyond.

I began to see clear.  As the trail wind

Up and twisted; glimpse of the concrete

City was there at the corner of my eye.

You see things clear from above, and

I saw decay.  I witnessed aggression of

Man against Nature beyond compare.

Even here, at the cropped

Forest, goodness green and pure-

Pushed away to the limit.

I heard the trees moan.  Rain began

Trickling disparately cleansing away

The smog, brushing it from the leaves.

As I walked towards the end of the

Trail, I noticed tree corpses everywhere.

I looked up to the sky, to the trees,

And wept with the rain.



13 thoughts on “To Kill a Eucalyptus Tree©

  1. I love this. Your prose is wondrous.

    My name is Ashley Wang, a blogger you followed just 2 days ago.
    I enjoy reading your blog and scanning through the content of your website.
    I was hoping that you might be willing to write a guest post for my website.
    This is not entirely for the purposes of gaining a lot more followers– I love the style of your writing and want to improve the diversity of my website for my followers.
    If you are interested, please contact me via email: ashleywwang01@gmail.com
    (It has 2 “w”s.)

    Hope to hear back from you!

    Best regards,
    Ashley Wang

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    1. Some people chop trees to make way for roads and houses. I don’t like that at all. This poem is to express how awful it is to destroy nature, instead we should protect it.
      You are from Bulgaria?! How wonderful. I have visited Bulgaria when I was a kid with my parents. I have been to Sophia and Varna. I loved the beaches in Varna. I remember eating a very hard loaf of bread called “Khrebto” or something. Please correct me.
      I am from the U.S. and live in California.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well,i don’t like either that they make houses from trees,and they chop down trees for no reason.By the way you’ve been in Varna?I’m gonna go there.And if you were confused where i was,i was just not opening my blog,that’s all.By the way check my post,please,if you have time.If not,i’m gonna wait until you can like it. 🙂


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