Man is a complex multi-layered creation.  One will never be able to live a full rewarding life and realizes a great level of joy without being aware and in touch of these components as a whole; in which some are tangible and some are intangibles.

Let’s dissect Man from the outside in:  1.  The outer-shell: The body and all its mechanical functions..including the brain.  2. The ego-the mind, the consciousness, or the “self”.       3. The spirit or the “soul”.

  1.  The outer-shell:

It is easy to talk and describe the body because it is tangible and its functions are all agreed upon.  It is the part that most people are busy with and try to satisfy its needs the most.  Most people are short sighted and have a short term memory; therefore, they quickly and spontaneously respond to what gives them an immediate, though short lived, satisfaction.

This outer shell, the body, has been a subject of imitation by man himself trying for centuries to come up with similar functioning parts and assemble them together to assimilate the “original” creation.  From statues to robots to cloning- scientists and artists have tried and tried but never quiet achieved even remotely close to the original.  To generate a skin, for example, physicians must take a sample from the original skin and produce another patch in the lab and then patch it to another part of the body.

Researchers are cultivating laboratory-grown human skin that can be grafted onto the body to repair defects caused by burns, surgery or disease.

While growing the thin outer skin is nothing new, the real challenge is growing the main inner skin which contains the connective tissue, including the blood vessels.


The perfection of God’s creation, The Original Maker-The Creator, and the coordination between all parts are all evident that “chance” and/or “natural selections” could not be the maker of our existence.

Component of ManLet alone the fact that there is a big portion of brain and body functions that, until this moment in our human advancement, are unknown and remain a mystery.

However, the outer-shell, the body, is connected with the other components of our existence through porters or windows, as will as being effected by those components–such as the effect of the conscious mind over the perception of the senses and the function of the brain.

“And HE gave You (the faculties of) hearing And sight and feeling (And understanding).” [Quran 32:9]

“Verily WE created Man from a drop Of mingled sperm, In order to try him: So WE gave him (the gifts), Of Hearing and Sight.” [Quran 76:2]

“It is HE WHO has created For you (the faculties of) Hearing, sight, feeling And understanding: little thanks It is ye give!” [Quran 23:78]

I will discuss and investigate this last point furthermore when I explain the role and the function of the mind in the next part of this article.



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