Behold the mountains

O Man, behold the skies

Above. Behold the hills

So green, behold the valleys

In between.  Millions of years

They stood- Wonder of

All wonders.


Now, behold civilizations

New and old, made by man-

How many lessons they were told,

before their ruin-

That they never heed.


Mighty they were so- yes indeed.

Carving pyramids, cities of stone-

Colossal heap of stones, Magnificent gardens,

Marvelous palaces here and there.

Behold now, where have they gone?

As mighty as they were?  Where is their

Lust, where is their greed?


Answer me, oh gentle folks- I pray!

Weary I am, wandering I have been-

All what I’ve found- are antique trinkets

Laying on the ground.  Collecting dust

Suffering decay…



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