Joy is not the same as excitement.  The latter is derived from material  and a tangible sensation which is usually evoked or triggered by a stimuli. animals as well as humans can experience excitement.

Joy, on the other hand, is a jubilation of the spirit, happiness in the heart that delights the soul.  Joy is only a human trait.  It raises our awareness to a higher spiritual level above and beyond our physical world.  Although it can be felt with the physical senses; yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be stimulated by a tangible stimuli. It can rather exist in the absence, or in spite of, any material source.

Joy is often paired with the word “pure’ because of its spiritual nature.  Joy is a state of exultation, and euphoria that fills all our senses and beyond.

All the beautiful things in life that bring us joy are not materialistic in nature-we feel joy in the ecstasy of giving, forgiving, love, unity, compassion, loyalty, friendship, laughter, witnessing something beautiful-colorful flowers filled meadow, rolling green hills, a child smile, a triumph overcoming a handicap or a hardship..etc.

Joy is the bliss, the exuberance, the rapture of goodness that overflows and fills the veins of our existence.





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