The interact layers

Of life, the versatile

In colors and varieties

Of nature of existence-

The various depths,

Dimensions, feelings,

Desires, possibilities, and

Choices make its seeker

Twirl and whirl like a dervish

Around it in useless circles.

Our vision is blurred and

Confused- we make poor

Choices…and take the wrong

Turns.  Vanity and delusion

Is the reality we live in…

That we create for our selves.

A quest that never ends,

A thirst that is never quenched,

A fire that consumes all.

One taste is never enough,

One look asks for more,

And one step leads to another;

Until we are tossed far from

The road.  No one takes it

Home, and everyone leaves

It behind-alone accompanied by no other.

Only when we look beyond

The blinding glitters of life

Beyond to the Light-

Then, one can see clear-

Only then one can

Feel centered, focused, and

Be surefooted.



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