We all know

We are all aware

That life out there

Is a trial, a timed

Test, a game.

Winners and losers

Will be named at the end.

No one picked his role

No one decides the rules;

Except The Creator.  That part

Is preordained.  Now comes

The part that we have our

Free will to shape our forever

Future.  The part where we have

The freedom to choose.

Some choose to believe,

Have faith that playing

By the rules will make them

Win this game.  Some choose

To ignore and turn away.  Passing

Their given time in play.  These

And those will all be gathered at

The end and will be handed their

Score.  Late is the hour indeed

For those who did not heed.

Focus not on the game, it will

Surely end.  Aim at the score

For it is forever…that should be

Your shot, that should be your goal.



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