I am a river
Do you recognize me?
Am I familiar to you?
Have you not entrusted me
With your hidden secretes?
Will you hear me now?
Can you listen to me now?
How many times in the past
You came to me
And I bestowed upon you
My favors.
I have supplied you
From my treasure?
Now who will help the river?
Who will give back
To that graceful river?
Who can be there for me?
I am a river.
Do you remember me?
Water that you drink
That flows in your lands
Is it not my water?
Many a times
You through pebbles at me
And I have never complained;
Yet, I fill up your nets with my provision
I am a river.
Forever graceful
Forever pure
In spite of all the stones that
Fill my path;
Yet I flow fresh, and I flow free.
Rocks and Boulders
Stand up in my way.
If you look deep
They sink and stay,
And weigh me down
Never, they never stop me…
From flowing
From giving and living
From shining
Glistening with grace
I am a river.
I run my course
Straight and true
No matter how many times
You sway and push me through.
Loyal, trustworthy, dependable,
Faithful, steadfast, refine.
I am a river.
Renewed forever
By the blessed rain
From above, filling me up
Trickling through my veins
Providence of goodness
Quenching my thirst
I yearn for it
Rejoice and run with gratitude.
It washes the sadness from my surface
I wake up at the coming dawn
Greeting the sun
Glittering and beaming
Bright as a washed jewel
Like a child.
I am a river.
Do you know me now?
Nay, you are yet to know
Who I am.
I am a river.


I originally wrote “I Am A River” in Arabic back in 1991.  Here is the original Arabic poem:

أنا النهر
أتودعني من سرك المكتوم
أتسمعني ..أتنصت إلي احدثك
ألم تاتي إلي مسرعا
تريد أن أعطيك
أن احبيك
ومن للنهر من عاطٍ؟ ومن للنهر؟
أنا النهر
ألم تشرب من مائي الصافي
ألم تلقفني بالأحجار
فلا أشكو
وترجع وفي شباكك من زادي؟
أنا النهر
وإن عجَّ بالحصى قاعي ألوفا
ولكنًّ سطحي رقراقا
أستقبل العثرات والأحجار
فلا أقف أمامها عاجزا
ولا تمنع سيري الاحجار.
مثقل أنا بها إن فتشت في جوفي
تهدر بها مياهي
تهدهدها ..تحملها مع التيار
تصقلني ولكن لا تعكرني
فأنا أصيل
لا تعكرني الأحجار..ولا يغير مساري التيار
أنا النهر.
يجددني .. يغسلني ..يملأني
قطرات المطر المنساب
يصب في عروقي
ماءا جديدا من السماء
يهطل على مائي العطشان
أفرح به ..أشتاق للقاءه
يمسح عن وجهي الاحزان
فأصحو حين تطل الشمس
أتألق بالدفء برّاقا
كالجوهر المغسول
بريئا … صافيا … جديدا

أنا النهر
كلا. إنك لم تعرفني بعد
أنا النهر


11 thoughts on “I AM A RIVER©

  1. Very beautifully written, that reminds me that our world is full of so much blessings that the least we can do is to thank our God for it. Alhamdullilah!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your words are so closely related to the subject matter thought all my posts fall back…The river. My eyes are opened to the elements and creation now instead of focused on the research and reporting aspects.

    Liked by 1 person

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