This is a poem I wrote years ago while teaching my students in Oregon about homonyms in a playful way.  I always try to instill in them the love and appreciation of nature whenever I find a chance.  In combination of both, I came up with this poem.


Nature and I are in Harmony

To that mountain, fixed to the ground

Unchanged, I cave in around to get through.

I stand up to the bully wind, and

Do not wither, I push it away

With my blows until I win.

I blossom with the delicate rose,

I sway by its beauty,

Sending its fragrance everywhere.

I smile back at the moon, orbiting my space

Beaming, spreading around grace.

To the turbulent sea, I wave

Back ignoring its call.

With the generous river, I flow

Not stopping at the bank, but beyond

Its demanding shore.

I rush by the hour; the time

I don’t pass in waste.

I go by the day buzzing with

The bees.

I fall with the night in the lands

Of dreams.

The sun, I rise to shine with

It,  faithful and bright.

My life is fun.  I know

My roll with every element’s feature.

I live in harmony

With Nature.

©Gainperspectiveblog December 30, 2007


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