Going through my old notes, I found these two poems I wrote about the same subject, having a dream; however each has a different perspective and a different effect.  One in despair and giving up your dream and the other has hope, persistence, perseverance and never giving up.  I know you will agree with me that Hope is such a powerful force and a much stronger effect.

I am posting them both here and would very much like your feedback.  Drop a note and tell me what do you think.


I Dared To Dream!

Once I dared to dream for me another realty

When I saw the harshness, the wrong, the ugliness

Around me; so I tried to change those things.

I rejected them, dealt with them, and spoken

With rationale sense.  No one could see the need

for change, but me.  I screamed, I yelled,

I asked for help.  The way they acted with indifference

has injected numbness in my veins.

Now, I walk around this mess with stillness that frighten me,

A chill that freeze my path.  Loneliness engulfing me,

A stranger among the masses.  The morsels that feed them,

Choke me; the air they breathe in, suffocate me.

The mere existence is emptiness, unfulfilled emptiness.

Events twist and twirl around my days like leaves falling from a tree,

Insignificant.  Injustice deepen the resentment, Oh, it

Is a long list.  It goes on as steady, as heavy as freight trains.

It is hard to see a future in a horizon full of clouds.

Harder, yet, to build a life when there is no life at all.

It was gone long ago, or taken, in pieces here and there.

Remains everywhere.  The form that is there, cruising

Around, is a phantom.  A mirage of what once was.  What happened

To the life within the shell?  It has been taken captive,

A slave to its masters, with million other bosses to rule that poor

Soul.  Tying it down with ropes that choke, holding it down with chains.

February 3rd, 2001

A dream Comes True!

I took my dream

And place it by the window

And everyday the sun goes up

My dream suckled upon its rays

And fed upon its warmth.

At night I look upon my dream

And saw it with the stars

Glittering by the moon

Free from chains and bars.

Day by day, my dream grew

Tall and strong

I tend to it and work on it

At nights and all day long

Until, behold, it has become

A dream comes true;

My glorious dream’s come true.

©Gainperspectiveblog December-28-2007


8 thoughts on “Two poems…different perspective!©

  1. Hi there- thanks so much for stopping by my little blogosphere. I’m glad you did as it led me here. The aesthetic is beautiful. You invited us to comment so– I really enjoy the over-all tone of the few pieces I’ve read so far. You obviously have a heart for and a desire to unify people in our common humanity- a ‘maker and maintainer of peace’? : ) I like the duality of the two perspectives here- our perspective is our truth, whether we’re in a positive mind-frame or sipping on ‘negative juice’… we ‘frame our world with our words’ and only we can choose those words. Blessings. Have an outrageously beautiful day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your feed back. You have captured the essence of my poem. I would like to comment on your amazing statement “our perspective is our truth”. I have to note that there is a difference between “truth” and “reality”. Our reality is based on our perception -Truth, on the other hand, doesn’t and should not be measured by our perception; rather we measure our perception by the Truth. This is how we improve and grow and heal.
      Have an “outrageously” beautiful day, you certainly made mine.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen! You said it better. : ) In my desperate hour and in spite of my ignorance of His Truth, God healed my heart instead of changing my circumstances- my perspective was changed in an instant! I still stand amazed. Bless you.

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