This poem I wrote years ago, but still hold true today.  To all the good people out there, those who are full of humanity and kindness…I say let’s stand together and make a better world for us and for our children regardless of our race, ethnic background, color of our skin, or our belief.  One Humanity, One Fate.


On The Same Side

We Stand

From this side

I call you.

Can you decipher

My words?

My words,

I speak

From my heart

To yours.

I was pushed

Here you know;

They want us

To divide

But here I am,

And I must

Reach out

To you

From this side,

I am sending

My words

From my

Heart to yours

I know


Will understand.

You and I

What difference

Do we have?

Let’s reach out

I am holding out

My hand.

My son, your son

Are friends

They were

Both born

On this land

The pines, the oaks

They know them well,

They grew together

And played together

Under their shade

The roots entwined.

The water of the same

River runs in their veins,

Here together they lived.

I see you

Coming closer

I feel you

In my heart.

We speak

The same words

I knew you

Will understand.

The heart

Knows no


United we


 ©Gainperspectiveblog January 2nd, 2008


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