Maybe you should

Burn this tree!

She has seen so

Many floods

On her so many

A year.  She is

Barren, no green

Essential to cheer

And ornate,

No fruit, no birds

Claim in her estate.


Maybe you should

Burn this tree!

She has seen so

Many seasons;

And winter stayed

in her reasons,

And winds swayed

Her figure and

Shook her memory away…


Of life and laughter,

Of lushes branches

Laden with fruit,

Of forever and after,

Of promises of riches

In earnest pursuit,

Of happiness, of sunshine

Tickling her leaves…


Of guests all around,

And bird songs to

Entertain, and suitors

Hoping in vain

Carving hearts and



But when winter

Settled deep in

Her roots and veins,

Her branches weak and limb,

Years of harshness

Erased the life within.


Memories are short,

They took a look

At her and shook

Their heads away,

To wipe the image

Of sadness that

She now portrays.

Forgetting all the

Years of happiness

That she gave them.

Maybe they should

Burn this tree away!


But, then, came up

The caring sun

Sending her soothing

Rays, and listened,

And listened again

With care, with love.

Her warmth hugging

The tree, her rays

Patting the sadness away.


Tears of the rain

Trickled all the way

Deep down her roots

Awakening the life

Within.  Gently

The loyal jay

Came back to

Settle in kicking

The long winter away.


Those who has given up

Hope in her, were lured

Back by her revived beauty,

Seeking her flowing shade.

Those who one day had

Seek to burn her,

Now her grace and

Her forgiveness they bade.

For years to come;

Her beauty lived,

And their evils fade.


©Gainperspectiveblog January 4th, 2008



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