A state of happiness

Is like a bird fluttering

Its wings and sings

Of melodies so sweet,

Filling the heart with joy.

It is like sunshine

Beaming with goodness

That warms the soul

Floating in the shimmering light.


It is like childhood

Careless and free,

Naive, excited

Skipping and hopping all day.


Happiness is like a hug,

An embrace, the closeness

That it brings, the humility

And kindness, the magic

Touch of care, the grace.


Happiness is like the day

After night, the dawn

After dark, the good

Beyond evil, the ecstasy

Of victory, the end of war,

The triumph, the glorious

Achievement of love for all.


Happiness needs company

To share, to spread the

Bounties.  Happiness is

Generous and sweet

Like fresh water

After thirst, transparent,

Filling, humble, priceless,

Simple, essential to life.


©Gainperspectiveblog January 19, 2008


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