Back to The Light©

To those who have been through life with its heartbreaks, pain, and disappointments and still find the joy in living, and the strength to hope.  To all who found the courage to open a window in their hearts and souls for…the light.


Back to the Light!


The dark passages I came upon

My way back to the light!

The demons and Orcs I fought upon

My way back to the light!

The spikes and thorns,

The pain I had,

The burning holes

I had in my heart and soul upon

My way back to the light!


They snatched me, they twisted me

They gnawed upon my flesh,

The bleeding wounds, the oozing pus

The stench, that awful stench

Of unfinished things

Long past.


I had endured them all

And faced them and bear them all, and fought

And won them all upon

My way back to the light!


A White wizard I came back to you

All, bearing the glad tidings.

There is hope yet, oh, and

There is love beyond those

Signs of doom.

In spite of sickness, and in spite of pain

There is strength to gain and health

Of spirit beyond those clouds

Of gloom.


The staff I have in my hand

Is gleaming with shinning awe

Glistening in the morning light

Glittering sparks by night

Singing ballads of my valor.

It is humbled yet by the beauty that

Surrounds us here and there.

This brilliant red rose with dew laden leaves

The crispy breeze filled with chirping birds,

These sparkling waves, the rain washed pine

The freshness in the air, the majestic trees

The cozy cabin and the warm hearth

All this and more, are worth fighting for.


I came back and fought my war

For the glory of the day,

For that crowned dawn beaming

Pushing the darkness away.

One look upon my daughter’s face

The magic in her smile

Is worth to live for, and fight back

The ugliness, the dismay

Of this world, bringing back victory

To the light, to that shining light,

Of hope, of peace, of love and harmony

Back to the world, I am back to life.


©Gainperspectiveblog December 28th, 2007


2 thoughts on “Back to The Light©

  1. really its a nice piece i red couple of your poems and what i feel from your work is that your poems throw readers of the cliff into darkness and then somewhere in between catches them mid air to show the lige .. really great work great blog definitely gonna follow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for following and for choosing to reblog my poem. Thank you for finding the time to comment specifically and for your insight. We have an innate instinct to look up for the rope when thrown even in the deepest darkest abyss. My message is to keep looking for this rope and hold on to it. It’s there. Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

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