The Sweet Promise©


What do you see?

When you see a tree sheds its leaves?

Do you see it weep silently shedding tears?

Do you think it knows that there will be

A new spring yet to come?

There will be a new dress for it to wear?

Or, in despair, it stays paralyzed by fear

Naked and sad beyond repair?

Can you think of life

When death is so fresh anew?

Is giving birth in the coming spring

A possibility easy to fathom

When life is lost and lost and lost again?

With every whim of fleeting wind

In the season of death where ever you go,

Life is clinging to its roots,

Then blown away every time a wind detonates;

Leaving behind a weeping figure

Extending forward its boughs pleading

With the mysterious force for it to spare

Taking away the very life that it has

That it adores and cherish as its own

Possession and beauty.

Till the end, so vibrant and multi-hued,

Pleading and pleading forever more,

But to no avail.

The ruthless force, the heartless wind

Still goes on with its destruction

Scattering corpses all around


And, then, the tree

Clinging to a will unknown,

Digging it up from deep within its roots,

Holding up its figure waiting,

Proudly waiting for a sweet promise

of life again, for giving again, forgiving gracefully,

Dreaming for the awaiting warmth, kindling

A spirit of hope beyond the death shroud of winter.


©Gainperspectiveblog 10-30-2006

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