Walking on a virgin new snow on my trip to Yosemite made me think of the fragility of nature.  Everything is meant to be pure and simple, fresh and clean… until man walks by and puts his footprint and spoils everything.  Well, unless one is responsible, compassionate, empathetic, and thoughtful.

I thought of how wonderful it would have been if we, humans, left our greed aside, and lived in harmony with nature and one another!

I sat on that bench and looked at the frozen lake ahead, so serene and calm and thought of humanity.  I felt humans on this God-giving Earth having a long harsh winter.  A harsh, cold winter, with thick clouds of anxiety and doubt; of hunger and droughts, wars and mass immigration, racism and inequality in rights and opportunities that are causing a lot of unrest and suffering everywhere on our precious globe.  I thought that if we the common people find a common ground of reaching out to one another, giving to one another, sharing our resources and sharing our compassion and understanding…there is a hope yet to conquer this harsh winter.

Maybe soon, a wonderful spring will dawn on humanity that will bring back life.  A new era will bloom and rise out of the ashes of wars, sufferings, and greed.

As I sat there in that dissolute area on a remote lake on a cold winter evening I felt a warmth in my heart that kindled a light of hope in my spirit. Yes, there is lots of love, kindness, and goodness in humankind.  Goodness shall overcome.  Spring will bloom and life will come again. It’s only natural.



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